Word Nerd Wednesday – Thank You


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! Today’s Word Nerd post is inspired by you. šŸ™‚

“Thank you.” It’s a phrase we use multiple times every day, from the ingrained automatic response when we’re handed our change at the shop, to the overwhelming attempt at expressing deeply felt gratitude when mere words feel so inadequate. But have you ever stopped to wonder how the expression came about?Ā I hadn’t until this morning! šŸ™‚

I turns out that the wordĀ thank is related toĀ think in a similar way thatĀ song is toĀ sing. ThankĀ originally meant ‘a thought’. You sing a song, and you think a thank! By the Middle Ages, the definition had narrowed to mean a thought of goodwill or gratitude, and so “I thank you” (of which ‘thank you’ is a shortened form) literally meant “I will think of you with goodwill” or “I will remember what you did for me.”

How well that describes the heart of Thanksgiving! Well, to this uninitiated Australian, anyway. šŸ™‚

We may not celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my readers and all the cherished friends I have gained since I started this blog. I will be thinking of you all with goodwill over this Thanksgiving holiday. ā¤

If you enjoyed this post, you might like to read ‘How We Got “Please” and “Thank you”‘ and ‘Ta, Cheers, Much Obliged: A Brief History of “Thanks” in English‘.

PS – apologies for neglecting to inform you all last week that the correct definition ofĀ ostrobogulousĀ was (D) bizzare, interesting, or unusual.Ā Everyone guessed correctly, so I obviously have very intelligent readers! šŸ˜‰

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Cover Reveal! – Gloria Clover’s Children of the King Series

Cover Reveal

Welcome book lovers! I have a big cover reveal for you today. Not just one, or even two, but FIVE books! TheĀ Children of the KingĀ series by Gloria Clover, published byĀ By The Vine Press, will begin releasing in March 2018. This is a speculative series that weaves historical fiction and a tangible spiritual thread with action and romance! But before we get to the big reveal, let’s meet the author. Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I’m Thankful For


I know I’m slightly early, but happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! The girls at The Broke and the Bookish have nominated a Thanksgiving theme for Top Ten Tuesday this week, and even though Australia doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m totally on board with giving thanks for books! Trying to pick which specific books to be thankful for, however, is a little tricky. I mean, out of all the books I’ve ever read, which ones do I put on my list?Ā šŸ˜³ Continue reading

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Weekend Book Buzz – 18/19 November 2017

Weekend Book Buzz

Greetings, book lovers! Boy has it been a busy week for me this weekā€”hence this later-than-usual post. But I’ve ended the week on quite the bookish high, because . . . Nightshade is back! If you’re not familiar with Ronie Kendig’sĀ Discarded HeroesĀ series then I suggest you fix that right now, then prepare yourself for the upcoming release of Azzan’s story. If you were hoping for a shot of adrenaline in your Christmas stocking, this novella will have you covered! I even have a cover reveal for you later in this post!

But first . . .

Continue reading

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Interview with Christine Dillon

Hello, reader friends. So glad you could stop by, because I have a special guest today! You may have read my recent review of Christine Dillon’s debut fiction releaseĀ Grace in Strange DisguiseĀ (if not, you can read it here). It’s the story of a young woman whose life is rerouted when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s engaging and uplifting, and I was fortunate enough to be able to chat with Christine about it. Continue reading

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First Line Fridays – 17 November 2017 – One Enchanted Noel (Melissa Tagg)


Welcome to another edition of First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books. I know all my American friends are gearing up for Thanksgiving, but here in Australia, Christmas is in the air. The jacaranda and flame trees have been flowering for a few weeks, so there’s a profusion of purple and red foliage amongst the green as we drive around town. The shops are bedecked in tinsel and other decorations.

There’s no denying it. Christmas is just around the corner.

Also just around the cornerā€”and much closer, even, than Christmasā€”is the release of the third novella in Melissa Tagg’sĀ Enchanted ChristmasĀ Collection:Ā One Enchanted NoĆ«l. If you pre-order now (it’s just $1.99 on Kindle!), you’ll wake up to this little treat on 21 November. If you haven’t read the previous two novellas in the collection, you might want to treat yourself to the whole collection, which will be releasing in one volume on the same day. It’s just $4.99 if you pre-order now! Continue reading

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Charming the Troublemaker (Pepper Basham) – Review

14 Nov charming-the-troublemaker-copy

5 stars

~ About the Book ~

When Dr. Alex Murdock is demoted to a university in rural Virginia, the last thing he expects to find is a future. But country charm never looked as good as it did on Rainey Mitchell.

Rainey Mitchell does not need a high-class flirt in her wounded world, but trouble and temptation wafts off the new professor as strong as his sandalwood-scented cologne.

When circumstances thrust them together to save her tutoring clinic, can the troublemaker find the hero inside and encourage the reticent Rainey to open her heart again? Continue reading

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