‘Increase your vocabulary’ challenge

I have created my own new category of romance novel using today’s word: Histrionic Romance.

histrionic  (adj) – excessively theatrical or dramatic in character and style.

histrionics (n) – melodramatic behaviour designed to attract attention.

By extension, histrionic romances are romances where many, if not all of the key components are exaggerated for dramatic effect. A brush of the hands is electrically charged, the hero and heroine are repeatedly distracted by each other’s adjective-laden physical attributes, disagreements and past disappointments are blown out of all proportion, and you can hear a string orchestra crescendoing in the background as the characters lean in for a kiss.  

Not to be confused with the category ‘Historical Romance’ (although the terms may be applied concurrently).  

So. Read any histrionic romances lately? 


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Homeschooling mum, word lover, reader extraordinaire, and follower of Christ
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