Memorable Characters

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty boring when an author introduces a character by simply describing what they look like (or by relating their life’s story).  But I love it when an author captures the essence of a character in two or three well-written sentences. Like this description I just read today:

“The mayor’s wife mirrored his girth and utterly lacked Norvin’s good humour.  She was both rotund and big-boned and greeted the world with the sharp edge of her tongue.”

                                                     The Emissary – Thomas Locke

Doesn’t she sound like a sweety?

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3 Responses to Memorable Characters

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  2. Zoe Schoppa says:

    I agree so completely about good characterization. I find Davis Bunn a.k.a. Thomas Locke to be one of the best at creating memorable characters that draw you in. I came across your blog while looking over other authors on Thomas Locke’s advance team. You have a great blog! I talk about characterization quite a bit on my blog but I thought that I would share here my response regarding the characters in Emissary.

    God bless and happy reading!


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