Word Painting – A Sticky Residue

Have you ever woken up knowing that you had an uncomfortable dream, and then tried to explain it to someone only to find that you really can’t remember any of it – or at least enough of it to actually make sense when you actually try to verbalise it?

Now imagine trying to describe that experience in a book.  You could try writing something banal like I did just a moment ago, or you could write this:

I’d never been one to remember my dreams, but you didn’t have to remember a nightmare to know you’d just had one.  The impression it left was enough – a sticky residue that wouldn’t easily rinse away.

A Season to Love – Nicole Deese

Really, I won’t be offended if you take the second option!

Wow, talk about making me feel uncomfortable.  I’m actually squirming while I type it!

In future, even if I can’t remember the dream, at least I’ll know how to describe the feeling.  Thanks Nicole!


A Season to Love releases on 2 February 2016.  Watch this space for my review!


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