Word Nerd Wednesday – What Do You Call It?


Here’s something new for 2017!  I’ve dubbed Wednesday ‘Word Nerd Wednesday’, which is hopefully fairly self-explanatory.  If not, don’t worry.  You’ll get the hang of it 🙂  Hopefully I’ll also get the hang of actually posting them by Wednesday… 🙄

This week’s Word Nerd post is weather inspired.  You see, while I have been sitting here roasting in the Australian summer heat, many of my northern hemisphere friends have been posting their winter wonderland pictures.  One comment led to another (as it often does on Facebook), and had me asking one friend, “What do you call them?”  Meaning:black

I call them ‘gumboots’, but I know there are a lot of other names for them.  Wellingtons.  Wellies.  Galoshes.  (I love that last one.  So onomatopoeic!)  So what I want to know is, what do YOU call them?  And tell me where you’re from, so we can get an idea of regional variation.  *That’s your cue to post in the comments below* 😉

But wait!  Because I don’t just want to know what you call them.  I want to know your style.  Do you go for classic black, like above, or do you like to add colour and personality to your gumboots?  Or whatever you call them…

pipduck-red-block-gumboots_1Do you go for bright, solid colours?




rainbowOr rainbow stripes?




green-with-pink-dotsMaybe something patterned?




floralOr floral?




classyAre you all class?





fashionistaDo you like to make a fashion statement?




artsyOr do you seek to satisfy your arty soul?





What’s your style when it comes to gumboots?  And what do you call them?  Do let me know!


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25 Responses to Word Nerd Wednesday – What Do You Call It?

  1. debraemarvin says:

    The ones I wear I call barn boots because they are for working in. They are black pull one like your first photo. Waterproof but no arch support. But I call the fancy ones Wellies.

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  2. Beth Erin says:

    I call them mudboots here in southern Illinois and I have a pair just like the first example except mine are blue! All the kids have the plain black because they wear them out or grow out of them so fast! The kids are responsible for taking care of our free range chickens so theirs get more use than mine 😉

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    • Oddly enough, it’s difficult to find the plain black here for children. We’ve often had a choice between blue or hot pink! My eldest actually went through a period of time when she was about 3 where she insisted on wearing on hot pink gumboot and one regular navy blue boot at the same time! Everywhere we went! It was quite the fashion statement 😄


  3. Janet W. Ferguson says:

    In Mississippi, we call them rainboots or galoshes. I did buy my daughter an expensive pair from England called Wellies. Of course, I never splurge to buy myself any, usually just her, LOL. She’s had solid blue or patterned.
    I love learning what other countries or areas call things!

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  4. Carrie says:

    So fun! I call them rainboots but I hate wearing them at all, no matter how cute they may be.

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  5. Winnie Thomas says:

    I’m from northern Utah, and I’d probably just call them boots. I like the fashion statement ones, but I’m not sure I’d get the red ones. I’d probably get black or brown as they would go with more things. I actually seldom wear boots unless the snow is unusually deep.

    This is a fun post, Katie!


  6. I currently live in the Pacific Northwest (originally from Florida) and I call them rain boots. I got a pair for my daughter for Christmas. They are green with owls on them. My son has a plain black pair that he inherited.


  7. Jen says:

    We call ’em mud boots. Or muck boots. Because we wear them when we muck out the horse stalls. Which is why I always kind of chuckle when I see people wearing them around like they’re real, actual shoes! 🙂 But, if we lived in a wetter climate, I’d probably run around town in cute polk-a-dot pair!

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    • Probably not much point going for pretty when you’re mucking in mud and goodness knows what else! But I do like the sound of polka dots 😊 I definitely have a tendency towards pretty rather than practical, but I don’t have much call to wear them where we are 😔


  8. I{ve always only heard them called rain boots or rubbers. If i had any I{d go for polka dots
    ps please forgive my punctuation – keyboard gone wonky!!!


  9. C. Dees says:

    We live in the country and have lots of boots. My family (Missouri with Arkansas roots) call the ones you have pictured rubber boots and we wear them in summer–mine are black with pastel polka dots all over them. 🙂 Very cute! We also have insulated rubber boots for the freezing winter months. Then there are snow boots which are usually shorter than the insulated rubber boots–our mud 😦 is usually deeper than our snow–and the snow boots might have faux fur lining and leather or other synthetic material uppers rather than all rubber. And then… there are the dress boots. My favorite kind of boot to pair with a cute outfit. 🙂

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  10. I love the boots! 🙂 My dad always called them golashes ~Michigan~ but I call them over the shoe boots!


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