First Line Friday – 10th February 2017 – Redeeming Grace (Jill Eileen Smith)


I don’t know about all my northern hemisphere friends, but here in the Great South Land of Oz it’s a lot more like First Line Fryday! Ouchie Mama! It’s 43ºC here today (that’s about 110ºF!) and the weekend is set to be even hotter! 😳

Luckily for me, blogging takes place from the comfort of my air-conditioned lounge room. 😊

But, moving right along to today’s first line, which comes from Redeeming Grace by Jill Eileen Smith. This is the Biblical story of Ruth, and it releases on Valentine’s Day:

Naomi lifted the hem of her robe as her feet fairly flew down Bethlehem’s streets toward the outskirts of town.

Before I go, I want to say a big ‘G’day’ to Kathleen Denly, who’s joining the First Line Friday family. 🤗 Let’s all make her feel welcome!

Don’t forget to share your first line in the comments, and then hop on over and find out what the other First Liners have for you today:

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If you would like to join us for First Line Friday, contact Carrie at Reading is my Superpower.

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15 Responses to First Line Friday – 10th February 2017 – Redeeming Grace (Jill Eileen Smith)

  1. “About the same time as Hardy was walking into the village market for his purchase of carnations, his cousin set out from the Auld Hoose, faithful sheepdog bounding ahead of him.” This is from “The Cottage,” by Michael Phillips. It’s the first line of chapter 9. 🙂

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  2. Heather says:

    The Mark of the King
    Jocelyn Green

    And the first line is…

    Paris, France
    September 1719

    “There it was again. Suddenly wide awake, Julianne covered her ears. Straw crunched beneath her, needling her skin through the ticking as she inched away from the dank stone wall and closer to the warm body beside her.”

    Happy reading and happy Friday!

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  3. lelandandbecky says:

    I want to read Redeeming Grace! Of course my favorite is from Pride & Prejudice: “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

    But I also love this line from The Thorn Healer by Pepper Basham: “If my thoughts could write letters for you, your arms would be filled every day with words from me.

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  4. Beth Erin says:

    I just got my copy of Redeeming Grace in the mail this week! We’re experiencing rollercoaster temps here, 10 degrees to 70 degrees and back again with sunshine, snow, and thunderstorms… my sinuses are not happy 😜


  5. singinglibrarian2015 says:

    The old-time car horn a-oogaed, and David Harrington slowly reached over to the nightstand for his cell phone.
    ~The Triple Date Dare by Lauraine Henderson

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  6. Andi says:

    I didn’t make the list for this one so I ordered a copy and can’t wait for it to arrive.
    Piccolo. The restaurant matched it’s name – – a tiny and delicate white stucco building with a short, neat brick walk leading from its front door to the parking lot.
    From The Portrait of Emily Price by Katherine Reay

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  7. Rachel D says:

    Well, it made it to about 45F here on Friday, which is 7C haha! My first line this week is from The Memoir of Johnny Devine (It is fiction lol) “A tiny cyclone of dry leaves raced ahead of Eliza as she crossed 35th Avenue, urging her to hurry.” Stay cool my friend!

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