Word Nerd Wednesday – Prestidigitation


Welcome to Word Nerd Wednesday—and boy, do I have a mouthful for you today! Today, we’re playing a game of ‘What do you think it means’ inspired by Kristy Cambron’s latest release, The Illusionist’s Apprentice. If you haven’t read my review of this fabulous book yet, be sure to check it out here.

First of all—pronunciation. How on earth do you say this word, I hear you asking?  Like this: Pres-teh-dij-i-tay-shun (not to be confused with predestination!) Say it a couple of times and get comfortable with it. Pres-teh-dij-i-tayshun.

Got it? Okay. Now, if you’ve read The Illusionist’s Apprentice, you’ll realize this word doesn’t actually appear in the novel. However, it is something with which the eponymous character, Wren Lockhart, would have been familiar. And that’s all the clue you’re getting. Your job (and I mean yours, not Professor Google’s!) is to come up with what you think the definition might be. I’m eagerly awaiting your guesses, from the most sensible to the most outrageously creative—so don’t be shy! 🙂

As always with these posts, I’ll let you know the answer in next week’s edition. Until then, happy word-nerding!

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5 Responses to Word Nerd Wednesday – Prestidigitation

  1. It’s a word used to describe a magic act or performing magic. 🙂

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  2. Janet W. Ferguson says:

    Well, I’m looking at the makeup of the word and guessing fancy fingerwork, ha!

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  3. Winnie Thomas says:

    I think it means magic tricks involving your hands.

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  4. courtney207 says:

    Ooh, I should know this one! But I’m drawing a blank….. I’ll guess it’s presenting something but being elusive about it; tricky somehow. Or the transformation of something into a result not expected (like with an illusion?).

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