Word Nerd Wednesday – Widdershins


Hello Word Nerders! Welcome to Wednesday!

Have you ever heard a word that really tickled your ears? Or come across a word which, for absolutely no reason other than the sound it makes, made you think, “I have to find some way to use that word”?

Say hello to widdershins. My ear candy for the week! 😃

But rather than tell you what it means, I’m going to throw this open to you. What do you think it means? Alternatively, what’s a word that tickles your ears, that you’d love to use just because of the way it sounds?

As always, the real definition will be in next week’s post. Until then…

Happy Reading!


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Homeschooling mum, word lover, reader extraordinaire, and follower of Christ
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8 Responses to Word Nerd Wednesday – Widdershins

  1. widdershins? My clock stopped and then started moving in a widdershins direction! LOL! 🙂 that is a terrible sentence! haha.

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  2. Winnie Thomas says:

    I have no idea what widdershins means. How about part of a bird’s leg? LOL I love shenanigans, hooligans, and smithereens. They are fun words. The hooligans were up to their usual shenanigans and smashed the pumpkins to smithereens. 😀

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  3. Carrie says:

    I have no idea … but it’s sure fun to say 😀

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