Top Ten Tuesday – My Reading Wishlist


It’s Top Ten Tuesday, and today’s topic from the girls at The Broke and the Bookish is Ten Things on Our Reading Wishlist. My list today will be generally referring to things I’d like to see more of in Christian fiction, as that is where I pick up most of my books.

Well, where to start? 😉

How about right here, in Australia . . .

Books set in Australia 🇦🇺

Of course, there has been one recent and notable contribution to this category, which I have included below, and Kara Isaac’s upcoming new release is also going to be set in Australia, but this island nation of mine can stand to feel a little more love. ❤

Biographical Fiction

Biographical fiction is simply a book that tells the story of a real person from history. Think along the following lines:

There are so many fascinating people who are part of Christian history, and whose lives would make for fascinating novels. Missionaries, Bible translators, hymn writers, composers, martyrs, and the list goes on. Let’s get to know them through fiction!

Non-US Historical Fiction

Apologies to all Americans, because I love American history too, but I would love to see more Christian writers bringing European medieval and reformation history to life through fiction. European history has shaped our culture and traditions today in so many ways (including those traditions associated with the church), and yet there are few Christian authors who have explored it.

Books Featuring Classical Musicians

Hi. My name is Katie, and . . . I’m a classical music lover.

I know so many other classical musicians that I sometimes forget we’re a rare breed. I’m even more rare, because I REALLY don’t get popular music. Most classical musicians I know enjoy popular music just as much as Bach or Beethoven. Me? I know nothing. Don’t ask me to name my favourite band, because I’ll probably tell you the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, and then they’ll get offended that I called them a ‘band’. 😂 Don’t ask me to tell you my favourite decade either, because I’ll give you a whole century instead. And it won’t be the 20th!

But I digress. Seriously, where are the books about bassoonists? French horn players? Okay, even just violinists or pianists? If you’ve ever spent any time hanging around with orchestral musicians, you’ll know just how many stories are waiting to be told!

PS – there is a novella coming out shortly featuring a violinist, thanks to Crystal Walton:

Books Featuring Children with Challenging Physical/Mental Conditions

I know. This one’s a daunting one for an author to approach if they don’t have first-hand experience. You want to get the details right. You don’t want to trivialize or offend. But let’s embrace the challenge as much as we need to embrace these children. ❤

Enemies to Lovers

I’d rather find a different way to phrase it, but I love a romance when the couple start out as enemies, but somehow manage to overcome whatever is between them. Here are a few I’ve enjoyed, but there will always be room for more!

Books Featuring Specialized Investigators

I’ve always loved detective and suspense fiction, but the nerd-girl in me REALLY loves it when that detective specializes in a particular area of forensics or detection. Some of my favourites are Patrick Bowers (geographical profiler), Raleigh Harmon (forensic geologist), Gwen Marcey (forensic artist), and Serena Jones (FBI art crime investigator). More please!

Contemporary Marriage of Convenience Stories

They abound in the historical romance genre, but I’m intrigued by their contemporary counterparts.

Books Exploring Tough Topics

I’m talking about topics like abortion, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, alcohol/drug dependency, depression, suicide, euthanasia. They’re not pleasant topics, and they can be divisive and intensely emotional, but chances are we’re going to be confronted by one or more of them personally at some point, in either our families or our church communities. Well-written fiction is a wonderful way of exploring different perspectives and working through the emotions associated with them in a non-threatening environment. Here are some notable examples:

More Books About Bookish Men

Okay, so this is inspired a little by my current read, True to You by Becky Wade. Nora is a librarian/genealogist and I am absolutely loving her character. But I would LOVE to read a book about a male librarian/bookish person. I have wracked my brain, but I can’t think of any books that feature one. Oh, how much fun could that be? I think I’ve just sown the seed of a book baby!

What’s on your reading wish list?


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18 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday – My Reading Wishlist

  1. I enjoyed your list, and I couldn’t agree more! I just finished a book set in Australia by Amanda Deed (I’ll post my review soon). My recent First Line Friday book, Within The Veil, the two main characters started out as enemies. While there may be a few books that fit some of your categories, it would be nice to see more!!

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  2. This is a great list! I was nodding over and over. The bookish men thing — dude, you’re so right. I had just more book-loving characters in general on my TTT list, but now that you mention it, most of the ones that already exist are women. The guy in Dear Mr. Knightley from Katherine Reay is very into books, though, so that one counts. Have you read it?

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  3. Winnie Thomas says:

    Nice post, Katie! I agree with your list. It nice to have some diversity. I think we’re getting more books lately tackling tough topics, at least I’ve been reading more like that.

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  4. courtney207 says:

    What a fantastic list, Katie! Yes to more of all of them, but especially the non-US histfic, contemporary marriages of convenience, and BOOKISH MEN! I can’t think of any that could possibly fit that last category. I’m thinking you need to write one!

    Have you read The Everstone Chronicles series by Dawn Crandall? The first book, The Hesitant Heiress , features a classical pianist as the heroine.

    Oooh, and another example of a “tough topic” book is Kristen Heitzmann’s Told You Twice .

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  5. Carrie says:

    oooo yes please! to all of these! 😀

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  6. Aerykah says:

    Love this list! 😀 And I see folks have been mentioning (recommending 😉 ) books for some of the things you mentioned… I must agree that Dawn Crandall’s books & “Dear Mr. Knightley” are very good! 🙂
    As for the books featuring specialized investigators… Have you heard of the “Bug Man” series by Tim Downs? The main character is a forensic entomologist. I haven’t read the whole series, but I did read the 4th book (not realizing it was part of a series) and really enjoyed it! 🙂

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