First Line Friday – 9 June 2017 – Bread of Angels (Tessa Afshar)


First Line Friday is coming to you all the way from sunny/foggy/rainy Melbourne today. 🙂 For those of you not up on your Australian geography, that means I’m 1,000km (600 miles) from my home north of Sydney in the Hunter Valley.

Yesterday morning I had a wonderful time chatting with the lovely Rel from Relz Reviewz. And what better place for us to meet than at a Christian bookstore! It just so happens that I spied a copy of the novel I will be featuring today on the shelf! (A bit of a surprise since it’s only just released, and it usually takes a couple of months following release for the book to make it to Australian shelves.) Doesn’t it look good?

Koorong pic
~ About the Book ~

Purple. The foundation of an influential trade in a Roman world dominated by men. One woman rises up to take the reins of success in an incredible journey of courage, grit, and friendship. And along the way, she changes the world.

But before she was Lydia, the seller of purple, she was simply a merchant’s daughter who loved three things: her father, her ancestral home, and making dye. Then unbearable betrayal robs her of nearly everything.

With only her father’s secret formulas left, Lydia flees to Philippi and struggles to establish her business on her own. Determination and serendipitous acquaintances—along with her father’s precious dye—help her become one of the city’s preeminent merchants. But fear lingers in every shadow, until Lydia meets the apostle Paul and hears his message of hope, becoming his first European convert. Still, Lydia can’t outrun her secrets forever, and when past and present collide, she must either stand firm and trust in her fledgling faith or succumb to the fear that has ruled her life.

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~ First Line ~

I have never served as a soldier, yet I have the strange sense that most of my life I have stared down the blade of a sword, the face of my adversary haunting me.

I love a first line that hooks you straight in!

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 If you would like to join us for First Line Friday, contact Carrie at Reading is my Superpower.

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31 Responses to First Line Friday – 9 June 2017 – Bread of Angels (Tessa Afshar)

  1. Good morning! 🙂 My first line comes from “Thunder on the Right,” by Mary Stewart!
    “The Hotel du Pimene, Gavarnie, takes its name from the great peak of the High Pyrenees in whose shadow, at early morning, it lies.”

    Happy Reading!

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  2. carylkane says:

    Turtle Springs, Kansas
    April 1866

    Pa had some kind of nerve, up and dying like that-just when I’d gotten used to Frank being gone. Adjusting her somber bonnet, Caroline Kane exited what was now her inn, onto the boardwalk and then stepped down to the hard-packed dirt street.

    First line from Dime Novel Suitor by Carrie Fancett Pagels. This is my “debut” as a character in the story.

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  3. bellesmoma16 says:

    Just bought this book. I can’t wait to read it. The first line is brilliant! 😊

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  4. lelandandbecky says:

    Happy Friday! My first line is from Widow by Denise Weimer: “Oglethorpe County, Georgia, June 1857, An angel of light stood before me, blonde, beautiful, one hand behind his back.”

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  5. Amy M says:

    Super jealous of your time spent with Rel. La-la-la that woman! I just finished “Grounded Hearts” by Jeanne M. Dickson the first line is “Dutch Whitney hit the bog hard, tumbling forward to smack facedown in the muck.”

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  6. 1bgpayne says:

    My first line is:
    The promised view of the mountain peak waited, cloaked in mist like a tissue-wrapped gift not ready to be unveiled.
    “The Road to Paradise” by Karen Barnett

    Happy Weekend! So cool that 2 book bloggers got to hang out in a bookstore!

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  7. Purple. Well, this may be the first time I’ve put a book on my TBR because it’s about my favorite color! LOL! My first line is from Lisa Wingate’s BEFORE WE WERE YOURS: “My story begins on a sweltering August night, in a place I will never set eyes upon.”

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  8. dinhgaldi says:

    My first line is :
    “The first inkling that something was wrong was the waking in the darkness to find the cat pawing at my face.” ~ The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.
    I’ve heard great things about this book. I am really looking to reading this mystery/thriller.
    Dinh @ Arlene’s Book Club

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  9. momentsdippedinink says:

    Wow. That really does pull you in! Here’s mine from my favorite author Becky Wade. Then Came You: “Sylvie left me today.”

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  10. Amanda Tero says:

    Definitely pulling in!!

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  11. JaneReads says:

    “Maude Welling’s twelve-year-old brother, Jack, raced across the waxed wood floor of the soda shop, straight toward her, then skidded to a halt.”
    This first line comes from the book I am currently reading – My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island by Carrie Fancett Pagels

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  12. What a pretty cover! Happy Friday!

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  13. andinewberry says:

    Loved this book, and I’m jealous you got to spend time with Rel! 🙂 I hope to meet her some day!

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  15. Beth Erin says:

    It breaks my reader heart that I have not read any Tessa Afshar yet!!!


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