Word Nerd Wednesday – Flummadiddle


Happy Wednesday, word nerds! I have another round of ‘What Do You Think It Means?’ for you today, featuring the word flummadiddle. Don’t you love the way that one rolls off the tongue?

So, here are four definitions for you to choose from. Which one do you think is the correct definition?

A) – Something foolish or worthless

B) – A state of flustered panic

C) – A lie

D) – A waste of time

As usual, I will give you the answer next week. Happy guessing!

P.S.  Bonus points if you use it in a creative sentence! 🙂

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Homeschooling mum, word lover, reader extraordinaire, and follower of Christ
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7 Responses to Word Nerd Wednesday – Flummadiddle

  1. I’ll choose “B.” 🙂 After talking to him, her mind was all a flummadiddle!

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  2. Vivian Furbay says:

    reminds me on Mar yPoppins and supercalafragalisticexpealadocious!

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  3. barterbobert says:

    This word makes me laugh just saying it. I love this word. I think it could be A or D as they are both similar… A being descriptive of the action D. “As his five year old child’s eyes glazed and blankly looked past him, he realized that his rant about cleanliness and responsibilty was simply flummadiddle to her and thefore babbling nonsense of no consequence.”

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  4. Winnie Thomas says:

    I love the words you come up with! Do you use them in your everyday conversations?

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