Character Spotlight: Cooper Anderson from ‘Just Maybe’ (Crystal Walton)

If you like swoony heroes, you’re in for a treat today. I asked author Crystal Walton to give us the lowdown on the hero of her latest release Just Maybe. And since you’re here, don’t forget to check out my review, too! 😉

Cooper Anderson

Cooper AndersonAge: 30

Brief physical description: Sandy blond hair, hazel eyes, built from years of surfing, dimples

Five words that describe this character’s personality: Adventurous, charming, playful, broken, driven

Resembles: Chris Evans

Current occupation: Self-employed stockbroker

Greatest struggle: Viewing himself beyond the assumptions people make about him.

Greatest accomplishment: Starting his own business with such success, he’s up for Top Entrepreneur of the Year.

Goal in life: Be someone his dad would be proud of (make up for past regrets).

Top of the bucket list: Surf in Indonesia

Quirks: Pen hoarder 😉

Regrets: Moving away from home when his dad needed him and not being there when he had an accident that cost him his life.

The thing he most admires in Quinn is: Her ability to hold her own and tackle problems with skill, tenacity, and grace.

The thing that attracts him most to Quinn is: Just ONE thing?? Eek! That’s hard. I’d say it’s a toss-up between three things: how good she is with his son, the way she dishes back his charm with wit and sass of her own, and how passionately she believes in the things he can’t see about himself.

The first thing people tend to notice about Cooper is: His commanding presence.

Spends his free time: Surfing or wave riding (anything on the water)

Saying to live by: Carpe Diem

Most influential person in their life: His brother, Drew. Though, he’d never admit it. 😉

In a room full of strangers, this character would… instigate some kind of act that would push people outside their comfort zones to have fun, take a leap of faith, and be adventurous.

It’s karaoke night. This character would…trick the crowd into wanting Quinn on stage instead. 😉

If this character could talk to the author, they would say…Girl, you’re killing me with the interruptions delaying the kiss I’m dying to share with Quinn. (LOL!!)

Need to shop     Man-to-man talk

~ About the Book ~

When a case of mistaken identity spirals into a more-than-complicated pretend relationship, an adventure seeker and a grammar fanatic just might’ve met each other’s match.

Three weeks. That’s all the time self-made billionaire Cooper Anderson has to respond to discovering he’s a single dad, sell his lake house, and catch a one-way ticket across the world. The quick-witted nanny responding to his ad couldn’t be more of a life saver … and maybe a nice distraction. Until the secrets she’s hiding get a little too close to exposing his own.

The one lead guaranteeing Quinn Thompson a promotion just has to land her back in her hometown to finagle an interview out of Mr. Elusive, of all people. But she can hack it, right? Even while mistaken for the nanny, she can keep things quick and professional. No running into her embarrassing Southern family, no stirring up the wounds that’d sent her packing four years ago, and definitely no melting over a stockbroker’s unfair dimples and boyish charm.

Why, oh, why doesn’t anything ever go according to plan?

With both their deadlines closing in before they’re ready, Quinn and Cooper must decide whether the life they’re set on pursuing alone is worth more than the one they could be missing together.

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12 Responses to Character Spotlight: Cooper Anderson from ‘Just Maybe’ (Crystal Walton)

  1. Love it. ❤ Cooper's definitely been one of my favorite heroes to write. I'm such a sucker for his charming type. #swoon

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  2. Phyllis says:

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing this, Katie.

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  3. You had me at “resembles Chris Evans”!
    Ok, so I did purchase the book last week. But I think it just moved up on my #TBR! 🙂

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  4. “girl, you’re killing me…” Hmm, sounds like someone else I know.

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  5. Um, you just lit a fire under me to finish book 2 in this series so that I can read Just Maybe and meet Cooper.

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  6. deannadodson says:

    This sounds SO cute.

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