First Line Friday – 26 January 2018 – The Awakening (Tamara Leigh)


Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books! Book number seven in Tamara Leigh’s medieval romance series The Age of Faith released at the end of last week, and I lapped it up earlier this week. If you’d like to read my review, you can find it here.  Today, I’m going to share the first line with you.

~ About the Book ~

Even if she must sell herself in marriage to the highest bidder, Lady Laura Middleton is determined to provide her daughter a home and protector. But when Queen Eleanor presents her cousin with four suitors, among them is one who believes Laura betrayed him ten years past. Despite her attempts to discourage his pursuit, he is determined to have her for the dowry needed to save his lands. Should he prevail, how is she to shield her daughter from the enemy who lurks within his walls? And what of her heart? If she reveals the truth of her betrayal, might he love her again?

Beware the Delilah, my son. Beware the Jezebel—advice Baron Lothaire Soames should have heeded as a young man. Now in need of funds, he faces marriage to the woman he lost to scandal. Though he vows to find another way to return prosperity to his lands, his former betrothed proves his only hope and he grudgingly vies to become her worthiest suitor—only to be struck by how little it takes his heart to pick up where it left off. Can he forgive what cannot be forgotten? More, will she forever yearn for the man who fathered her child?

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~ First Line ~

Beware the Delilah, my son. Beware the Jezebel.

This is one of my all-time favourite series. If you love medieval romance, be sure to check it out!

I’d love it if you’d share the first line of whatever you’re currently reading in the comments. And don’t forget, you can find out what other bloggers are sharing for First Line Friday by going over to Hoarding Books blog and finding all the links. If you’ve got your own blog, why not join in and add your link over there. 🙂

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45 Responses to First Line Friday – 26 January 2018 – The Awakening (Tamara Leigh)

  1. Love Tamara Leigh and her books are all binge-worthy.

    Here’s the first line from a book I hope to get to this weekend:

    FBI Special Agent Kord Davidson had survived missions in the Middle East, been detained in Iran, escaped an ISIS death trap, and still walked and talked.

    High Treason
    by DiAnn Mills

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  2. Tamara Leigh says:

    Thank you for sharing the first line of The Awakening. I’m thrilled and honored by your review. Here’s the first line of the book (to be) nearest me, The Raveling (Sir Elias’s tale): “He had lost a son he had not known he had–providing the child was his.” Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

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  3. Kara says:

    I haven’t read any of Tamara Leigh’s Age of Faith series, but I do keep hearing wonderful things. I really need to move them up my TBR! 🙂

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  4. Jessica Baker says:

    Oh, I think I need to add this book to my list! Happy Friday 🙂

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  5. rbclibrary says:

    I love books set in this time period. I have GOT to get my hands on Leigh’s books! Over on my blog I am featuring the WWII-era novel, The Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin. But here I will share from Jill Eileen Smith’s latest, A Passionate Hope.

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  6. carylkane says:

    I’ve not yet had the pleasure of reading Tamera’s books.

    Salazar Sanso raised his binoculars and looked out over the edge of the steep drop into the rosy New Mexican desert. – Burn by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

    Happy Friday and Happy Reading!

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  7. Patsy Curry says:

    A nightmare seized him from sleep, turned around his throat, and filled his mouth so full he could not cry out. The Unveiling by Tamera Leigh. I read books 1-5 in the Age of Faith series about 3 years ago. I am reading them again before reading books 6 and 7.

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  8. bellesmoma16 says:

    Happy Friday!

    Over on my blog I am showcasing Naomi Rawlings’s novel Love’s Bright Tomorrow. Here I will share the first line from the novel I am currently reading, Mary and Bright by Shannon Graupman.

    “Mary Bradford’s heart raced as she sat on the edge of her king sized bed — her gaze affixed on the single white sheet of paper resting on the nightstand.”

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  9. Heather says:

    Oh my…what a great first line! Happy Friday!

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  10. Oh, that sounds really good.

    My first line is from Not and Ordinary Baronet by G.G. Vandagriff

    Sir Herbert Backman, baronet, had no idea why he was so attracted to lighthouses.

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  11. Beware Of The Reader says:

    I’m not into medieval romance but you make me want to! “On a drowsy Sunday afternoon, a man in a long dark coat hesitated in front or a house on a tree-lined street. He hadn’t parked a car, nor had he come by taxi. No neighbor had seen him strolling along the sidewalk. He simply appeared, as if stepping between one shadow and the next.” Happy Friday

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    • If you were ever going to give medieval fiction a try, Tamara would be the author to choose. Actually just read a review the other day by someone who really doesn’t like medieval romance, but decided to give it go because some of her friends kept raving about it, and she loved it. So there you go. It might surprise you!


  12. Iola says:

    I loved Tamara Leigh’s contemporary romances, but have yet to read her historical books despite the many recommendations! One day …

    I’m sharing the first line from Aint Misbehaving by Marji Laine on my blog. I’m currently reading My Sister’s Prayer by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould. It’s the middle book in a trilogy and I really shouldn’t have read the third book first, because it did ruin some of the big-picture suspense. Here’s the first line:

    The cry for help came as I was coasting toward the bicycle rack at the far end of the story.

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  13. I no longer read this type of book. At one time I couldn’t get enough of them. Today I am featuring one of Margaret Coel books on the Arapahoe indians.

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  14. I don’t think I’ve ever read Tamara Leigh, but that first line really grabs you! Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

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  15. I definitely like the description of that novel. I will be checking it out. I’m so glad you shared it.

    The first line on my blog is from a novel by Michelle Griep, The Captive Heart. Here, I will share the first line of Chapter 5 from the book I’m currently reading, The Captivating Lady Charlotte by Carolyn Miller “It was entirely possible that the excitement of last month’s come-out ball was about to be surpassed.”

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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  16. Sherri G says:

    “If I smoked—and I’m told I ought to start before I’m too old—I would light one up.”. From Stealing Adda by Tamara Leigh. This book is next up for me. I’m currently reading Moon Over Edisto by Beth Webb Hart. I’m reading it in the Libby app and I can’t copy and paste there so I cheated!

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  17. lelandandbecky says:

    Happy Friday! (What’s left!) My first lines (sorry, but I included the 2nd) is from These Healing Hills by Ann H. Gabhart:

    “Francine Howard stepped off the bus into another world. She should have been prepared.”

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  18. I love the medieval part but not the romance part! Happy Saturday!

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  19. Carrie says:

    I really need to read Tamara’s books post haste!

    My current first line is from Cathy Gohlke’s Until We Find Home: “Lightning crackled, splitting the night sky over Paris, illuminating letters painted on the bookstore window across the street: La Maison des Amis des Livres.”

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