Top Ten Tuesday – Animal Inspiration


Happy Tuesday, book lovers! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday post is all about titles. Technically, the topic according to That Artsy Reader Girl is Frequently used words in ________ Titles, with __________ being where you insert genre of your choice. Well, I could have done fall or love for romance titles, but that was a little uninspiring. I thought of conspiracy because that’s in the title of the book I’m currently reading, but aside from a few favourites it was taking too long to come up with a list.

And then I thought, “What about titles that have food or animals in them?

It didn’t take long going through my Kindle collection to decide that animals was the winner. Incidentally, it seems certain families of animals are more popular than others when it comes to titles. Namely, the cat and dog families, along with birds and insects. I have managed to sneak one notable exception into my list, however, and it’s a favourite of mine, so keep an eye out!


Got a book with an animal in the title? Share it in the comments!

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11 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday – Animal Inspiration

  1. What a cute theme today! I’m pretty sure we titled *Turtles in the Road* JUST to make sure we fit into today’s Top Ten! 🙂 And thank you for including us!!!


  2. Amy M says:

    I just read Pelican Point by Irene Hannon and Carrie Schmidt turned me onto some cozy mysteries entitled: The Cat of the Baskervilles and Death by Chocolate Lab


  3. Ooh! Great idea for this week’s prompt. Shadow of Lions is an oldie but a goodie.


  4. English Lady says:

    I have a few more than I thouht: Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof, Kingdom of Lions by Anna St George, and a book called Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion.
    I also have a couple with names of more obscure animals, including Pendragon’s Heir by Suzannah Rowntree and- Beowulf!

    I have a couple that relate to food too ‘Bread of Angels’ by Tessa Afshar, and a couple plant related ones.


  5. Kay Wisteria says:

    Great list–love the way you used the prompt 🙂


  6. What a fun post! When I saw the title in my inbox, I thought, “Animals?” 🙂 I didn’t expect to find Butterflies here! 💜 Turtles in the Road, yes! And I’ve read Haven of Swans. (I’ll never think of swans the same again!)


  7. Fun post! I know there are a few books with crows or ravens in the title.


  8. Jazmin Jade says:

    I love your twist! I would love to do this but I don’t think I would get to 10.


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  10. Carrie says:

    oh how fun! I love your take on this theme!! So creative!


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