First Line Friday – 25 May 2018 – Dancing in the Rain (Eileen Rife & Jennifer Slattery)


Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books! I have an upcoming new release for you today: Dancing in the Rain by Eileen Rife and Jennifer Slattery. It releases on 4 June 2018 and is currently available for pre-order for just $2.99!

It’s the premise of this book that first caught my attention: a young woman who was blinded in a car accident and the man who caused the accident coming together at a camp. I can’t wait to see how the story develops!

~ About the Book ~

Loni Parker, a music major struggling to find employment, seeks refuge at Camp Hope only to encounter the man who took her sight.

On the verge of college graduation, Loni Parker seeks employment as a music teacher, but no one will hire her since she’s blind. Or so she thinks. To take her mind off her troubles, her roommate invites her to spring retreat at Camp Hope in the gorgeous North Carolina mountains. Unbeknown to Loni, Michael Ackerman, the director, is an ex-con responsible for the accident that caused her blindness. When Loni warms up to camp and wants to return as a summer counselor, Michael opposes the idea, which only makes Loni want to prove herself all the more. Though she doesn’t expect to fall for the guy. Still, her need for independence and dream of teaching win out, taking her far away from her beloved Camp Hope . . . and a certain director.

Camp director Michael Ackerman recognizes Lonie instantly and wants to avoid her at all costs. Yet, despite the guilt pushing him from her, a growing attraction draws him to the determined woman. She sees more with her heart than the average person does with his eyes. But her presence also dredges up a long-buried anger toward his alcoholic father that he’d just as soon keep hidden. When circumstances spin out of control, Michael is forced to face a past that may destroy his present.

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~ First Line ~

The letter was probably one more rejection Loni could add to all the others crumpled in her trash.

Things can only get better, don’t you think?

I’d love it if you’d share the first line of whatever you’re currently reading in the comments. And don’t forget, you can find out what other bloggers are sharing for First Line Friday by going over to Hoarding Books blog and finding all the links. If you’ve got your own blog, why not join in and add your link over there. 🙂

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12 Responses to First Line Friday – 25 May 2018 – Dancing in the Rain (Eileen Rife & Jennifer Slattery)

  1. rbclibrary says:

    Thanks for sharing! I haven’t heard of this book before. I need to check it out. Have a great weekend!


  2. That certainly sounds interesting. Seems like a lot of forgiveness needs to take place in this story. Today on my blog I am sharing a book I read a long time ago by Mary Connealy that I greatly enjoyed, Petticoat Ranch. Here I will share the first line from the book I am currently reading/studying, “Saving Truth” by Abdu Murray. “You’ve been at an intersection before, waiting for the red light to change, and had that uneasy feeling: Is the bus next to me moving forward or am I in reverse?” This book is about finding meaning and clarity in a post-truth world. I highly recommend this author. Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


  3. bellesmoma16 says:

    Today on my blog, I am sharing the first line from To Kill a Mockingbird — one of my most favorite books ever written. So here I will share from the book I am currently reading, The Theory of Happily Ever After by Kristin Billerbeck. I am just beginning chapter 14, so I will share the first line from there.

    “Try as I might, I can’t release Sam’s kiss from my memory.”

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Caitlin H says:

    Dancing in the Rain sounds like an interesting book and I love the cover. When my TBR pile is not soooooo extensive, I’ll have to download a sample to my kindle to see if it’s a keeper 🙂


  5. Love the cover!!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!


  6. MrsTina Rice says:

    Happy Friday!

    My first line Friday is from a book I received in the mail today…
    The Hawaiian Discovery (Sequel to The Hawaiian Quilt) by Wanda Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter.

    Middlebury, Indiana

    Ellen Lambright finished sweeping the kitchen floor and paused from her work to brew a cup of tea.

    blessings, Tina


  7. Happy Friday!
    The book I’m sharing on my blog this week is Unblemished by Sara Ella but it’s also the book I’m currently reading so I’ll share the first line from chapter 4 here: “The expression on El’s face before the wall closed was all the proof I required.” Hope you have a happy Memorial Day weekend! 🙂


  8. Iola says:

    Jennifer Slattery knows how to tug at the heartstrings!

    My blog post today is sharing the first line from Solo Tu by Narelle Atkins. It’s book #7 in the Tuscan Legacy series, and is set in Australia. I’m currently reading another beach book – Sanover Beach Memories by Emma St. Clair. Here’s the first line:

    “They had both been grounded for a week when Jenna’s father found the initials she and Steve carved into the birch tree.”

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!


  9. Enjoy your book, happy reading!


  10. hjsnyder28 says:

    Happy Saturday and Memorial Day weekend!


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