Points Worth (D. C. Marino) – Review

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~ About the Book ~

Genre:  Fantasy
Series:  Kingdom of Ruins Novelette 
Release date:  30 March 2018
Pages:  31
Publisher:  Celebrate Lit

For centuries the small port town of Points Worth has been able to communicate with the ocean in its own language. But the water has just gone silent and its last word has shaken those able to translate it. A knowledge of sea-script won’t be enough to mend the broken relationship between man and the deep. Gil, a young nautical linguist, will have to break rules and search the past to discover why the ocean ceased its tides—or had them stolen.

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~ Excerpt ~

The linguist may have mistranslated the last word. And if that were true, then what Thanuel of Angevelle had said that day in the port master’s office might also be true.

“I’m sorry for the news I’m bringing you,” he had said. “But I beg you, listen. The nature you know will change and your sea will become a stranger. But it will not be what it seems. You must trust your Caletian, it needs you to trust it.”

Gil blinked. “That man of Angevelle, he spoke of—”
“Get out.” The officer pointed to the door.
Gil clenched his jaw. Centuries of discussions with the deep, yet the port still only saw their reflection on the surface. For too long they had ignored the history of the sea. It would bring them to ruin.

~ Review ~

As a rule, novelettes aren’t my things. Give me a story I can sink my teeth into. But as a teaser for a new series, you couldn’t really ask for more than Points Worth delivers. The writing is engaging, the plot moves forward at the same time as introducing you to the world of the story, and you get a strong sense that this world has a rich and fascinating history waiting to be discovered.

I love the idea that the sea is a character in its own right and the thought the author has given to ways in which the sea might communicate. It promises to be a unique world, and I’m looking forward to visiting it again soon.

I received a copy of this story from the author. This has not influenced the content of my review, which is my honest and unbiased opinion.

~ Guest Post by D. C. Marino ~

Hi Everyone!

I’m so excited to celebrate the release of Points Worth with you! To start, I’ll share a funny secret: this little novelette was never in the plan. The idea came at the last moment, at the suggestion of my publisher. I had never intended to write a prequel to the Kingdom of Ruins series, but when I began fleshing out this small story, it took on a personality I couldn’t ignore. Not only did I fall in love with the sea-salt setting and gutsy characters, but Points Worth is now planned to continue as a mini-series of novellas, each one to be released between the full-length novels!

Gil, the main character and hero, is who I blame for the speed of my commitment to this storyline. He inspires me. Calamity has befallen his small port town and fear is driving even the wisest of the townsfolk to make dangerous decisions. Instead of swallowing the easiest explanation for the disaster, Gil goes in search of the truth against one of the most powerful men in the town. He’s scrappy, inventive, and knows his history. Though born in the hills, he’s a natural seafarer. I wanted to keep following him right off the page. And so, his story has only just begun to sail the unknown ocean.

On the flip side, the Kingdom of Ruins series takes place on land. But this isn’t a default setting. The land is a character in itself and interacts with those that live upon its soil. It even takes sides in war. This same concept was extended to the sea in Points Worth. Which is appropriate, as they are part of the same world. In fact, the town of Points Worth is only a few days’ ride away from where the main novel takes place. Which leads me to the last thing I wanted to share with you. Gil will show up as a supporting character in one of the main novels. I love this because, though the reader will know Gil very well, the main characters in Kingdom of Ruins will not. You’ll suddenly see Gil from another’s perspective, which should be interesting and sometimes comical.

I will say no more. Land and sea must tell the rest of the story.

Thank you for coming! I hope you enjoy the ocean-air and the adventure it inspires!

~ About the Author ~

Dcmarino autho picD.C. Marino is a dedicated reader of history books and fantasy novels, both of which occupy an equal amount of space on her bookshelves. But it wasn’t until she realized how one breathed life into the other that she became addicted to finding the intersections of the real world and the fairy story. Still more: what those intersections about us as a creative, curious people. Kingdom of Ruins is her debut novel.

Connect with D. C. Marino:
Website  //  Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Pinterest  //  Instagram

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7 Responses to Points Worth (D. C. Marino) – Review

  1. James Robert says:

    Congrats on the tour and thanks so much for the opportunity to win. I enjoy getting to hear about new books that my family would enjoy reading.

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  3. Dianna says:

    It sounds like this book is short enough to finish in a few hours, but whets the appetite for more!


  4. Thank you for reviewing Points Worth!! I love the excerpt you chose to highlight! That was one of my favorite scenes to write 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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