Top Ten Tuesday – Book Mash Up


Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s topic according to That Artsy Reading Girl is an interesting one—and has taken a bit of thinking power, too. Well, except for the first item on my list. That one’s been a dream of mine for a while now. 😉

But I was telling you the topic, wasn’t I? Books You’d Mash Together. You’ll pretty soon realise I’ve taken a rather liberal approach to this topic. I’ve included anything from authors whom I think should collaborate to characters I’d love to see together to . . . well, just about any mash-up you can think of.

Tamara Leigh & Ronie Kendig

Can I get an AMEN!? How epic would the story be if these two fantastic authors put their heads together? I mean, I could totally see the Wulfriths and Wraith (Tox’s team) setting whatever world they found themselves in on fire—or putting the fires out, more likely! Although there might be a bit of adjustment to new weaponry… Oh. My. Goodness! Can you imagine the scenes as they train each other? And Cell trying to adjust to the medieval world with no technology? 😂 This gets better the longer I think about it.

But my not-so-secret desire: These two should pair up and write either (a) a biographical fiction novel of the 12th Century knight William Marshal; or (b) a series about a William Marshal-esque knight who takes it upon himself to try to enforce some kind of justice during the turbulent reign of King Stephen. Anyone out there know their English history and agree with me?

Not that I’m demanding or anything… 😉

Drew Farthering & Hamish DeLuca


I really think my two favourite 1930s amateur detectives need to collaborate on a case. Drew and Madeline could head to Boston for some reason, or maybe it could be a trans-Atlantic mystery—a kind of ‘Death on the Nile’ but crossing the Atlantic. I can just imagine the lively conversations between Drew and Reggie! And somehow, I think Drew and Madeline would be just the kind of people who could make Hamish feel comfortable in their presence. 🙂

Crime and Punishment and Hercule Poirot

There’s a very good reason I’m suggesting this mashup. I’m currently ploughing through Crime and Punishment and, while it explores some interesting ideas regarding crime and punishment, it does drag on a bit. I’m pretty much ready for a Hercule Poirot to swoop in and wrap things up so I can move on…

Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

It seems to me that the Pevensie children did a pretty good job of getting rid of one despot. I’m sure they’d be able to do the same for the Queen of Hearts. 🙂

Meant to Be Mine and The Austen Escape

Okay. So, confession. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of some way of putting Ty Porter in Regency garb. Inspiration has struck! How much fun would it be if Ty and Celia Porter suddenly found themselves in a Regency setting? I mean, Ty Porter in breeches and a cravat? Ahem. Did someone turn up the thermostat in here . . . 😉

But seriously. Celia would be like Elizabeth Bennet on . . . well, not steroids, but you know what I mean. And Ty? Well, I have no idea which Austen hero he would be like. I don’t think Austen made heroes quite like him! But it would be fun to see him try and be a Darcy. 🤣

Turtles in the Road and The Heart Between Us

If you haven’t read Turtles in the Road yet, WHY NOT! Seriously, one of the funniest books EVER! Piper Cope is totally random and prone to being a little dramatic at times, especially where turtles are concerned, and I can’t help wondering how she would go fulfilling a bucket-list of tourist destinations and must-dos like Megan Jacobs does in The Heart Between Us. And can you imagine if Kent tagged along? 😂 If you’ve never met Kent, trust me: whatever you’re imagining doesn’t come close. Just do yourself a favour and read the book!

PS to Rhonda and Kaley Rhea. Feel totally free to take this idea and run with it. 😉

Camdyn Taylor and P.J. Sugar

I would so love to see Camdyn Taylor from Christina Coryell’s Camdyn Series become a private investigator like P.J. Sugar in Susan May Warren’s series. If you haven’t met Camdyn yet, she’s probably not quite so random and dramatic as Piper Cope, but she definitely has a knack for getting herself into . . . situations. And if she was ever to take up private investigating as a career? Look out world! And Cole, for that matter!

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck and Without Warning

Okay, I’m having far too much fun with this now, but can you imagine the result if Sarah Hollenbeck joined the all-female Elite Guardians personal security firm? Titles like Without Warning could take on a whole new level of meaning! 😆

Okay, so that’s not quite ten, but I think that’s me done for now.

Can you think of any books (or characters, or authors) you’d like to mash together?

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39 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday – Book Mash Up

  1. What fun! I can’t even imagine how wonderful the creations of these pairings! Were I capable of collaborating, Ronie would be my pick too 🙂 I just don’t think my medieval writer’s brain could wrap itself around her tech-y one. As for a knight attempting to right the wrongs of Stephen’s reign, I have played around with that idea but have only sprouts of a story. But you never know…they could grow into tall, leafy stalks. Thank you for honoring me with your enthusiasm and that amazing pairing. Happy Reading!

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    • Haha. I’m not sure Ronie’s brain would fare much better at collaborating, but if you ever decide to give it a try, I’ll be all over it! And of course I’d love it those sprouts grew, but in the meantime, I’ll be perfectly happy with whatever you’re cooking up for the Wulfrith ancestors 🙂


      • Ronie says:

        Oh my gracious!! I thought I’d replied then realized I only replied on Facebook. OOPS!! So sorry. I think this would be LIT!! I think that would be an incredible mashup or time travel story. Tox, the walking encyclopedia of military history, would be beside himself to know what was about to happen and not be able to alter events. Wowzers! And if I brought HackerGirl-Marvel-Comics-fantasic Mercy Maddox through time with the team to meet the very alpha-world medieval knights? Holy Bruce Banner, Sir Knight!


  2. Just too fun. All of them! And okay, so when we mash ours up, where should we send your cut of the royalty checks?

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  3. Tamara Leigh and Ronie Kendig…epic!!! Also Sarah as a bodyguard 😂😂😂😂😂

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  4. Becky Wade says:

    Ty Porter in Regency garb! There’s a thought that’s never before crossed my mind, but I LOVE it. I have to think Ty would rock a cravat, breeches, cutaway coat, boots…..


  5. It never would have occurred to me, but Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is a match made in bookish heaven, I think!

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thanks!

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  6. Amy M says:

    A Tamara/Ronie mash-up would be phenomenal! Tamara does have two Beyond Time (Medieval Time Travel Romances), so it’s doable, right?!? Add in Ronie’s modern day heroes and I’d be the first in line to get my hands on that book.

    I prefer Ty Porter in Wrangler’s and cowboy hat (shirt is completely optional – wink! wink!), but I’m not hating the idea of him in a Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy look.

    Sarah Hollenbeck as an elite security guard has hilarity written all over it. Again, I’d pay good money for that book.

    Your mash-ups were so creative and fun. Now I’m really, really wishing they were in fact true.

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  7. I absolutely love the idea of combining Team Wraith with the Wulfriths. You’re other suggestions are pretty creative and genius too.

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  8. hszott says:

    So fun! Especially Ty Porter in Regency garb – GREAT idea!

    Hallie @ Book by Book

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  9. So fun! I don’t know if I could easily come up with a list… but now my mind is thinking too!

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  10. deannadodson says:

    Thanks for the mention! That would be wild. 🙂

    I love the Alice/Narnia idea!

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  11. Jen says:

    OH This!!! So. Much. Fun! ❤

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  12. Winnie Thomas says:

    How fun, Katie! You’re very creative! I’d go for quite a few of those books if they ever get written! 😀

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  13. Greg says:

    Farthering/ DeLuca looks fun. I’ve only read the first Farthering book but I enjoyed it. The ’30’s setting and the Atlantic voyage especially- love that idea. Alice in Wonderland/ Narnia would be an amazing combo as well.


  14. Rissi says:

    This list is so fun!! I love the idea of Drew and Deluca!! I haven’t met Rachel’s hero yet, but cannot wait to meet him. He sounds like a grand character indeed. 🙂


  15. These sound like they’re be excellent mash ups 🙂
    Cora |


  16. Carrie says:

    Drew and Hamish!!! YES PLEASE!!!


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  18. English Lady says:

    Oh me, me! If I ever did start writing Fiction, William Marshall would be on the list: I have been dreaming about a Trilogy about him for several years. I even have titled planned out! Mind, I have an idea from that less than ordinary Robin Hood story in which he would undoubtedly feature as well. Its not set in the reign of Stephen though 🙂

    There is a series about Marshall in the secular market, but I understand its got a lot of sex scenes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have read part of Elizabeth Chadwick’s series about William Marshal, and yes, that one did have a couple of scenes. Unfortunately that seems to be pretty standard for general historical fiction these days… But then I also found out that Elizabeth Chadwick ‘channels’ her characters (I’m talking beyond the normal ‘my characters speak to me’ experiences of most authors), and I couldn’t bring myself to read any more after that. 😦


    • And a trilogy about William Marshal would be awesome, as does your Robin Hood idea. I may have one floating around in my head about King John and his barons, but my writing time is a long way off yet 🙂


  19. English Lady says:

    Oh, did I mention that Robin Hood story would also feature one Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, major figure in the events that led up to the sealing of the Magna Carta, a theologian and scholar. He may have been the man who divided the Bible into chapters. So a pretty awesome chap 🙂

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