First Line Friday – 17 August 2018 – By the Waters of Babylon (Mesu Andrews)


Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books! I don’t know whether you’ve heard about the new Psalm series that is underway, but I had the pleasure of reading the second book in this series this week—By the Waters of Babylon by Mesu Andrews. What an amazing story! You can check out my review here.

~ About the Book ~

Experience the psalms like never before – through heart-pounding fiction! 

When Babylon destroys Jerusalem, as Yahweh warned through his prophets, the captives’ bitterness and grief pours out in the Captives’ Psalm

“[By the rivers of Babylon] we sat as exiles, mourning our captivity, and wept with great love for Zion. Our music and mirth were no longer heard, only sadness. We hung up our harps on the willow trees.” (Psalm 137:1-2, The Passion Translation)

A young Israelite woman is among them, captured by a mercenary Scythian prince. Driven toward Babylon by both hatred and hope, she endures captivity to reunite with her husband.

But will he be there when she reaches Babylon? Will the prince risk the Scythian throne – and his life – to believe in the Hebrew God?

Can they both find what they seek when they meet the prophet Ezekiel. . . by the waters of Babylon?

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~ First Line ~

I once was a goddess who led a prince to Yahweh.

How’s that for a beginning, huh? Wait until you read how it all plays out!

I’d love it if you’d share the first line of whatever you’re currently reading in the comments. And don’t forget, you can find out what other bloggers are sharing for First Line Friday by going over to Hoarding Books blog and finding all the links. If you’ve got your own blog, why not join in and add your link over there. 🙂

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10 Responses to First Line Friday – 17 August 2018 – By the Waters of Babylon (Mesu Andrews)

  1. Rachel says:

    Happy Friday!

    Today I shared the first line of one of my next reads In Another Time by Caroline Leech. It’s a YA historical romance set during WWII in the Scottish Highlands. Here, though, I’ll share something from the book I am currently reading, See All the Stars by Kit Frick. I’m on chapter 31 now so I’m going to share the first line of that chapter.

    I grabbed Jenni before fourth, on our way into the sky dome.

    Enjoy your weekend. May it be filled with great books 📚📚


  2. lelandandbecky says:

    (The link in Hoarding Books sent me to Twitter.) Happy Friday! My first line (actually first 2 and the little poem before) is from “A Little Ray of Sunshine” by Kimberly Rae Jordan.

    “(Shadows around me, shadows above me
    Never conceal my Savior and Guide:
    He is the light, in Him is no darkness,
    Ever I’m walking close to His side.)

    Ryan McFadden looked at each of the men gathered around the large boardroom table. He searched the familiar faces for any sign of the unease that sat so heavy in his gut.”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. carylkane says:

    Happy Friday, Katie! My first line comes from Long Way Gone by Charles Martin.

    I’d seen him before.


  4. j9reads says:

    Happy Friday! I’m featuring lines from Julia Wolf’s Cut Free on my blog today.

    Here, I’m sharing lines from Susan Stoker’s Defending Allye.

    “So I’ll see you back at the rendezvous point, right?” Black asked.
    “Absolutely,” Gray told his friend and partner as he readied himself to slip over the side of the fiberglass boat into the Pacific Ocean.


  5. I’m sharing from True Grit by Charles Portis today, here is a line from the ebook at 7%:

    “If Papa had a failing it was his kindly disposition. People would use him. I did not get my mean streak from him.”

    Happy Friday!


  6. Iola Goulton says:

    That’s definitely a gripping first line!

    I’m sharing from Know You More by Jan Thompson on my blog – it’s the latest addition to my never-ending to-read pile. And it’s currently free on Kindle (for around another 24 hours).


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  8. rbclibrary says:

    This book looks good. May be a good fit for my Faith And Fiction Bible Study. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Beth Erin says:

    I need to read this! The cover gave me a nonfiction impression and I missed it!


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