First Line Friday – 26 October 2018 – Emerald Illusion (J. Rodes)


Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books! I have a gem of a book for you today, which I reviewed just yesterday: Emerald Illusion by J. Rodes (Jennifer Rodewald). This is a great read if you love adventure, but it’s also allegorical in the way it depicts our waiting for God’s coming kingdom. And you’ll fall in love with the characters! And last I checked, it was still available at the introductory price of $0.99, so what are you waiting for?

~ About the Book ~

Abrielle used to dream of a different life. Adventure. Romance. Hope.

Not of Kansas.

Now, after the loss of her mother and a move she didn’t want to make, she’s lost the will to dream anymore, let alone believe in her father’s Somedays.

But a swirling wind, a wall of leaves, and a blinding darkness literally transform her world.

She and both of her brothers, Brogan and Matteaus, are swept from Kansas to someplace beyond—to a desert in which everything is watery-brown, including the sky and the light of the weak sun. Abrielle finds herself in the middle of a realm everyone had heard of but no one believed existed. Except this version is rundown and broken, void of color and hope. Not much different from her view of life in Kansas.

When she gathers her bearings, she discovers her youngest brother is missing, lost in a land that is foreign and dying. Finding Matteaus becomes her sole focus, but when she and Brogan meet a boy named Levi, who only adds more mystery to this world that shouldn’t exist, she finds out this kingdom is much more perilous than the children’s book ever told.

Matteaus is in great danger.

There is nothing safe about Oz.

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~ First Line ~

I used to dream of a different life.

Dive in!

I’d love it if you’d share the first line of whatever you’re currently reading in the comments. And don’t forget, you can find out what other bloggers are sharing for First Line Friday by going over to Hoarding Books blog and finding all the links. If you’ve got your own blog, why not join in and add your link over there. 🙂

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12 Responses to First Line Friday – 26 October 2018 – Emerald Illusion (J. Rodes)

  1. Happy Friday! I’m currently reading The Merry Lives of Spinsters by Rebecca Connolly. I love regency romances and this one is very well done. I will share the first line from Chapter Eleven, which I’m about to begin. “Being profoundly labeled a spinster by all who knew her didn’t preclude Georgie from deriving pleasure from certain things just as she had when she was first out.” I wish you a wonderful weekend.


  2. rbclibrary says:

    Sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing!


  3. We shared the same book this week but this one deserves multiple shares!!!

    I’m currently reading A Picture Perfect Christmas by Candee Fick: “Liz Foster collapsed against the couch cushions and buried her hot face in a decorative pillow.”

    Happy Friday!!


  4. Sherrinda says:

    That sounds like a great book!

    I’m featuring Just Let Go by Courtney Walsh: He shouldn’t be here. A diner in some little tourist town in Michigan was no place for Grady Benson, but here he was.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. bellesmoma16 says:

    Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog I’m sharing the first lines from All Things New by June Foster. I’m at the 25% mark, so I’ll just share a couple lines from there:

    “Though Jett wanted to see how the labor progressed, the medical conditions had change. Jillian had to bring the baby into the world now.”

    Kind of intense! 😮

    Hope you have a great weekend filled with excellent reading time.


  6. Happy Friday!

    My first lines come from A Twist of Faith by Pepper Basham……

    PHD WAS NOT SUPPOSED to smell like this. Adelina Roseland dropped a box of research articles onto the floor and stifled a deep breath as the strong aroma of naturally fertilized farmland wafted in from the open window.

    Have an awesome weekend and happy reading!!😊💕🎃


  7. hjsnyder28 says:

    It looks very Narnian. 🙂 Happy reading!


  8. I Loved that book! I just read and reviewed it as well 🙂
    This week on my blog I shared A Light on the Hill by Connilyn Cossette but I’m currently reading Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin so I’ll share the first line from the current chapter (8) that I’m on: “Upstanding citizens of the community did not lead double lives.” It’s not an easy book to put down! Hope you have a great weekend with plenty of quality reading time!


  9. Happy Friday! I’m sharing from A Season of Grace by Lauraine Snelling on my blog. Here’s the first line from a book I treated myself to this week, His Promise by Shelley Shepard Gray:

    “It’s snowing again,” Grace King said to Snooze. “If it keeps up, we’re gonna have a white Christmas. Won’t that be something?”


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