Royally in Trouble (Jenny B. Jones) – Review

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~ About the Book ~

If an ex-popstar-turned-event planner can’t find a Ren-faire killer, she may not survive the final act.

As a former member of a popular girl-band, Paisley Sutton knows what it means to be in the spotlight. So after she takes on an event- planning gig for the new Sugar Creek Renaissance faire, she’s counting on a smooth opening night. But when one of the cast is murdered, Paisley knows her event has gone lethally off-script.

When her old flame Beau is named the prime suspect, Paisley enlists the help of her trigger-happy, ex-CIA grandmother and aunt. As she tries to keep the faire alive and fights off her matchmaking family, she uncovers secrets that might just get her killed. Can Paisley shine a light on the killer in time, or will the faire be her final curtain call?

Royally in Trouble is the second book in the lively Enchanted Events cozy mystery series with a dash of romance. If you like engaging characters, small-town intrigue, and laugh-out-loud moments, then you’ll love Jenny B. Jones’ Renaissance romp.

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Series:  #2 Enchanted Events Mystery
Release date:  16 October 2018
Pages:  388
Publisher:  Sweet Pea Productions

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~ Excerpt ~

He escorted me to my car, a ridiculously smug smile hanging on that tanned face. “Should we talk about what you just pulled in there?” I unlocked my door.
Beau leaned a hip against my Toyota. “You mean how you went prowling through the bank president’s office?”
“Not the part I was referring to.”
He towered all that height over me. “And how you nearly got caught until I pulled you to me and kissed you?” He reached out a finger and traced it across my cheekbone. “How you melted in my arms, completely unaware when I walked us backward to the bookshelf and replaced the blueprints?”
“There was no melting.”
“Oh, I believe there was.”
“And I knew exactly what you were up to.”
His focus dipped to my lips, lingered. “Did you now?”
“Yep.” His hair was close enough to fun my fingers through. Get a grip, Paisley. “And . . . and you’re welcome.”
“For what?”
“For playing along.”
His lips kicked up in a deep, infuriating grin. “You’re kind of fun to save, Pop Princess.”
Puh-lease. This conversation wasn’t even worth the effort of an eye roll. “See you later, Beauregard.”
He opened my car door, some of that arrogance now replaced by curiosity as he took a pensive breath then looked back toward the bank. “Are you sniffing around Nathan Moore’s office because you suspect him?”
“I . . . I don’t know.” My brain had yet to return to functional capacity. Seriously, how was the man able to string words together right now? “I, um, asked him about an affair with Rebecca—which he denied.”
“But you think he’s sweet on her?”
“Yes. I do.” I smiled at his phrasing as I settled into the driver’s seat. Under that gruff exterior beat the heart of a Southern gentleman. “But he probably doesn’t kiss her against bookshelves.”
Beau grinned and gave my door a tap. “That’s certainly their loss.”

~ Review ~

Nothing says “read me” like a mystery with a Renaissance faire, an ex-CIA grandmother, and Jenny B. Jones’ name on the front cover. Although it should probably also come with a health warning that advises against drinking while reading it—and that goes for any beverage, not just the alcoholic kind. Because the possibility of snorting a giggle through your nose at the precise time you take a sip is an ever-present danger.

For example, you need to beware of:

  • random incidental characters like prepper Sarge McShane, who has, among other things, a self-published book entitled Beef Jerky for the Lactose Intolerant.
  • Paisley’s deadpan humour: “As tempting as naked pole-vaulting into the fountain on the square.”
  • Random mentions of outrageously-titled books being read by Sylvie’s book club, such as The Valiant Viscount Weds a Vivacious Vegan.
  • Any time Sylvie and Frannie are in a scene: “I’ll be as discreet as the panty lines on my thong bikini.” Lol. NOT!
  • Soooooo many other random moments of humour!

If there was going to be a trailer made for this book, this is how it would play out:

Umbrellas in hand, Sylvie, Frannie, and I got out and walked to the front door in a single file line, an army of resolute lady power. We were problem solvers. Truth seekers. Women who pursued justice.
“I just stepped in gum.” I stopped my swagger long enough to check out the bottom of my heel. “Shoot.”

There almost didn’t need to be a mystery to make this a worthwhile read! But mystery there was, and it kept me guessing until the end, switching theories quicker than Sylvie and Frannie could disarm a security system with a Tic-Tac. (Don’t ask—trade secret).

And that Beau Hudson. *le sigh* Forget Sylvie’s ridiculous Sexy Book Club heroes. Beau will do me just fine. I mean, Paisley. He’ll do Paisley just fine. That’s what I meant to say. Honest.

More please!

I purchased my own copy of this book. As always, my reviews are my own honest opinion.

~ Previous Books in Series ~

~ About the Author ~

Jenny B JonesAward-winning, best-selling author Jenny B. Jones writes mysteries, rom-coms, and YA with sass and Southern charm. Since she has very little free time, Jenny believes in spending her spare hours in meaningful, intellectual pursuits, such as eating ice cream, watching puppy videos, and reading celebrity gossip. She lives in the beautiful state of Arkansas, is a foster parent, and has worked in public education for half of forever. She loves bluegrass, a good laugh, and strong tea. She adores hearing from readers.

Connect with Jenny: Website  //  Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Instagram

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5 Responses to Royally in Trouble (Jenny B. Jones) – Review

  1. This sounds like a great read! 🙂 haha. Great review. I’ll be adding this one to my TBR list. Thanks.


  2. I devoured this one the day it released and had trouble keeping my gushing review to a minimum.


  3. bellesmoma16 says:

    This sounds fantastic!


  4. Winnie Thomas says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve had my eye on this one. It’s on my wish list!


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