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Wordpainting – Creating the Mood

As an Australian, travelling in Europe is awe-inspiring.  Walking into places like Westminster Abbey or Notre Dame, breathing in their history, singing in services that have been taking place in these building since before my own country was fully charted … Continue reading

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Word Painting – The Weight of Sorrow

Sorrow can be a crippling emotion.  One of the things I love about good fiction is that it allows us to experience and learn how to process heavy emotions from a ‘safe’ vantage point – one that involves us emotionally … Continue reading

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Something To Which I Aspire…

Have you ever wondered how an author would describe you if you were a character in a book?  I’m not sure it would be entirely flattering in my case, but today I found a description I dearly wish was true … Continue reading

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Smiles can be so expressive, can’t they?  When we interact with someone, reading their smile plays a significant role in the impression we form of them and the way we interpret what they are saying. For the writer, there are … Continue reading

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Memorable Characters

I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty boring when an author introduces a character by simply describing what they look like (or by relating their life’s story).  But I love it when an author captures the essence … Continue reading

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