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Word Nerd Wednesday – Quixotic

Welcome Word Nerds! Last week, in one of the book launch teams I’m on, we were given the task of describing ourselves using three letters—QRF—and one of the team members described herself as quixotic. That led to the inevitable question, … Continue reading

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Cacoethes

Wednesday is here again, Word Nerds! It’s been several weeks since we’ve played What Do You Think It Means, so I thought it must be about time for another round this week. And the word I have for you today is cacoethes (kak-oh-EE-theez). … Continue reading

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Full stop or period?

Welcome to the middle of the week, Word Nerds! I started out today on an innocent quest to discover why American-English has named that little dot at the end of a sentence a period, while British- (and Australian-) English prefers … Continue reading

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Wherefore

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” If you’ve always thought this line was uttered by a forlorn maiden looking for her love, you aren’t alone. And it’s a logical conclusion to draw, right? I mean, it has ‘where’ right there … Continue reading

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Quomodocunquize

Well, Word Nerds. Can you wrap your laughin’ gear around today’s word? Quomodocunquize. Let me help you out a little. KWOH-moh-doh-KUHN-kwyz. I’ll just give you a few minutes to practise that . . .

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Word Nerd Wednesday – The Vagaries of the English Language

  Welcome Word Nerds! Nothing highlights the inconsistencies of the English language like teaching your kids spelling or helping them learn to read. As a homeschool mum I’m currently doing both at multiple levels, and I can tell you I’m … Continue reading

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Green With Envy

Hello fellow Word Nerds. Sorry about missing a few Word Nerd posts, but things have been going off script around here, first with extended illness making its rounds in the family (mostly flu), and now with my husband’s back putting … Continue reading

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