Interview + Giveaway with Gloria Clover

Welcome, book lovers! Come and join me for a chat today with author Gloria Clover, whose novel Washed Under the Waves just released on 6 March 2018. Washed Under the Waves is the first of five novels in her Children of the King series, which will be releasing over the next few months. Continue reading

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Washed Under the Waves (Gloria Clover) – Review


~ About the Book ~

A hidden island. A prince in disguise…and a lady torn between love and duty.

Lady Tayte Bashan never desired the distinctive black hair that marks her as Undae royalty, but when her family perishes in a devastating tsunami, the burden of leadership falls upon her young shoulders. Even as she prepares her island for the prophesied prince, she fears the duty to marry him is truly meant for another.

Sent from the King to an island untouched by the outside world for centuries, Prince Geoffrey Athan D’Ambrose’s mission is to lead its people to the ultimate truth. The first sent out, he desires to serve his King, but how is he supposed to win the heart of Undae’s princess when the King sends him disguised as a tutor?

Betrayal stirs within Castle Bashan, a threat as deadly as the rising wave. Now Tayte and Athan must brave the maelstrom or watch as the entire island succumbs to treachery’s destructive tide.

Series:  #1 Children of the King
Genre:  Fantasy
Release date:  6 March 2018
Pages:  305
Publisher: By The Vine Press

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~ Excerpt ~

“You knew of the tsunami.” She turned to face him. Perhaps he had not. He paled in the dash of sun that streaked across his face. “Undae sits beneath a heavy burden, Athan. The ocean comes to swallow us time and again. It struck twice in my grandfather’s lifetime, and the last time it took him. Took them all. Any who stayed in Black Cherry to protect their belongings. Any who came to Black Cherry to warn them. All. It had no mercy. It could not be turned.”
Tayte did not cry when she informed him of the facts. There was no point in crying now, ten years after the devastation and loss. No point in allowing the emptiness to swamp her. Such was life on Undae. She wasn’t the only one who suffered. The orphans of Black Cherry bore witness to that.
“How did the children survive?” Athan asked.
“I kept them in the castle, as I was told.”
“You had warning?”
“There is always warning if we’re alert.”
“Do all the villagers head inland? Were other villages as devastated as Black Cherry?”
Tayte shook her head. “Only Black Cherry was swept to sea. The others flooded in parts. Henry, like Bashan, remained untouched. Ventus lost many houses, but they also had more time to prepare, so they lost fewer lives. Now I have runners in place.” Though in her heart, Tayte doubted they would do their job when the time came. Like the rest of Undae, they would choose not to obey unless they felt like it.
“What sort of runners?”
“People designated to run to each village with the warning the ocean is grumbling. They’ll go to Castle Bashan and to each village so all the island will know. Then we will be prepared no matter which way the wind and waves come.”
She hoped she sounded more determined than she felt. It was her nightmare. Another tsunami. This time she would be expected to face it, to stop it. Would she succeed as her grandmother had? Or would she fail as her mother had? Tayte would not know until she was put to the test.

~ Review ~

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. This has not influenced the content of my review, which is my honest and unbiased opinion.

~ About the Author ~

gloria clover headshotGloria Clover, Christ-follower and Truth-seeker, writes romantic fiction with the hope of showing God’s love and our need in both humorous and haunting ways. The Children of the King series is her first endeavor into speculative fiction, a series set in the future when the King sends out his children to reclaim his lost lands.

Gloria’s contemporary romances, published by Barbour Books and Son-Rise Publications, include: The Remaking of Moe McKenna in the Race to the Altar anthology, Brianna’s Pardon, and Tangled Truths. She compiled ten volumes of Penned From the Heart and wrote a short devotional, Who We Are in Christ, A to Z.

She is a member of Emmanuel Christian Church, active in prayer ministry, women’s ministries, American Heritage Girls, and various other projects. She participates in writing/book days at local schools and enjoys giving and receiving from her various writing critique groups. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, participating in the ACFW book club and prayer loops.

Married with child, she writes from her little white box in western PA.

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Weekend Book Buzz – 10/11 March 2018

Weekend Book Buzz

Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Book Buzz! I hope things are well in your corner of the universe, wherever that may be. I happen to be typing this on a whizz-bang new laptop, so things are peachy-keen where I am! Don’t you love new toys that work so much better than the old ones? Anyway, I hope you get a chance to curl up with a good read this weekend, and if you don’t have one picked out already, there will be plenty of suggestions here for you!

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Until I Knew Myself (Tammy L. Gray) – Review

5 stars

~ About the Book ~

RITA Award-winning author Tammy L. Gray delivers an unforgettable new series following five struggling friends in search of the true meaning of family through secrets, betrayal and the unexpected influence of an outsider…

Tyler Mitchell grew up an orphan, taken in by his best friend’s family when he was only sixteen. Even though ten years have passed, and he’s been given everything he should ever want—a loving home, an adoring girlfriend, a successful career, and lifelong friendships—Tyler has always felt a foreigner in his own life.

When a surprising phone call reveals the death of his biological grandfather, Tyler’s seemingly perfect life starts to unravel. The people he loves most in world have kept from him the greatest secret of all—knowledge of his father’s family. Continue reading

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First Line Friday – 9 March 2018 – Fierian (Ronie Kendig)


Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books! There have been some fabulous books releasing this week, but none has been anticipated by me quite so long as the one I’m sharing today: Fierian, the final book in Ronie Kendig’s Abiassa’s Fire series. Even if you don’t normally read fantasy, this series will hook you. These characters—I love them! You can read my full review here.

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Fierian (Ronie Kendig) – Review

5 stars

~ About the Book ~

The hour has come to set the world alight.

Abiassa’s people fall. Her Deliverers wait as Poired Dyrth marches unchecked through the Nine Kingdoms. He’s taken the Embers of countless Accelerants. He’s taken Zaethien and Hetaera, the mightiest cities of the Nine. He’s taken the blood of the royal family. Now Dyrth is after Haegan’s power—the Fierian’s power. And after that, he wants the world.

But Dyrth will not take it unopposed. Battered and outnumbered, the remnant of the Nine forge new alliances, make friends of enemies, and prepare to stand against the last great press of evil. In faith, they wait. The Fierian will come. Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday – Favourite Book Quotes


Happy Tuesday to you all! This week’s topic from That Artsy Reader Girl has result in several hours of getting lost in some of my favourite reads, because we’re discussing favourite book quotes. And if I wasn’t in the habit of highlighting things on my Kindle as I read, I probably wouldn’t even be writing this right now; I’d STILL be lost reliving some of my favourite bookish moments on the quest for quotes to share. It’s a tough life, hey? 😉 But I’ve managed to rein myself in just in time.

This is by no means a definitive list, and it’s rather eclectic, but here are some of my favourite book quotes:

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