Best of 2018: The Emoji Files, Part III – The WOW Awards

It’s time for Part III of my Best of 2018 series The Emoji Files, and today I’m bringing you The WOW Awards. There are a few ways a book can make it onto my WOW list. The obvious one is plot twists and surprises (hello, Thirst of Steel and No Less Days in particular!) or high intensity and adrenaline (also Thirst of Steel, but don’t forget Wait For Me and My Hands Came Away Red). Others wowed me because of the topics they dealt with and the way they made me think (again, No Less Days, but also pretty much every other book on this list I haven’t mentioned yet!)

So, if you’re wanting to be wowed by your next read, look no further!

Read my reviews:
Thirst of Steel (Ronie Kendig)
Wait For Me (Susan May Warren)
No Less Days (Amanda G. Stevens)

Read my reviews:
The Masterpiece (Francine Rivers)
The Man He Never Was (James L. Rubart)
Shadows of Hope (Georgiana Daniels)

Read my reviews:
No One Ever Asked (Katie Ganshert)
The Hidden Side (Heidi Chiavaroli)
Lies We Tell Ourselves (Amy Matayo)

Read my review:
My Hands Came Away Red (Lisa McKay)

Which books wowed you in 2018? Any of these ones?

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